About Us

High-Quality Professional Language Services


House of Languages and More, was birthed by two language teachers with a combined teaching experience of three decades, who are passionate about breaking barriers, creating opportunities, and bridging cultures, through language. Between them, they possess excellent language skills in English, French, German, Spanish and Kiswahili.

They are confident that these many years of experience as well as their diverse cultural backgrounds have built a solid foundation for a sustainable language service company.



To connect people by breaking down language barriers and to enhance seamless communication by consistently offering effective and unique communication solutions.


To connect people by providing language and communication solutions resulting in a global, thriving, interconnected community.


House of Languages and More is inspired by its mantra “Endless Possibilities.”
It envisions endless possibilities for its clientele as the walls of communication, and barriers to understanding each other crumble.


Being fully conscious of the niche in the language and communication industry, we are convinced that the effective solutions we are offering on a small scale, can now be offered on a much larger scale.
Together, we believe the world is full of endless possibilities, but language sometimes stands in the way.



Ms. Fabienne Eyraud is a French National who has made Kenya her home. She has taught French and Spanish for nearly 10 years.
She has vast experience in management and human resource.
In addition, she is a certified Cambridge Examiner for English as a foreign language in East and Central Africa, as well as certified DELF Examiner for French as a foreign language.



Ms. Mary Gathuru is a Kenyan National who is fluent in German and French and has taught for over 20 years.
She is passionate about public speaking and image communication.
Additionally, she is a certified Cambridge Examiner for East and Central Africa, a certified Goethe Institute Examiner for German as a foreign language as well as a Goethe Institute Certified trainer of teachers.