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House of Languages and More will offer you endless possibilities by breaking down every single barrier of communication standing in your way and being your bridge to international connectedness.

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As an individual or a corporate, your reputation is your brand!
Did you know that an image is what remains when an encounter is over?
House of Languages and More will provide you with an opportunity to prove your true worth and abilities.
Corporate branding: In order to achieve your goal of maintaining customer rapport and boost your business prospects, we will equip you with tools to develop and maintain your corporate brand, therefore fulfilling brand promise, enabling brand audit, enforcing the brand and developing corporate assets.
Personal branding: In order to help you perform better and enhance your career, we will guide you in image management through body language awareness, communication skills and negotiation skills management and teach you how to highlight your soft skills, also known as personal and professional development skills.

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Do you want to deliver your ideas, messages, notions or concepts effectively?
House of Languages and More works with you towards achieving your goals by training you on time management, public speaking skills, media interviews and briefing, networking, negotiating, verbal communication, diplomacy…

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